Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is Snackware?
Snackware is a special kind of game in that there is no human intervention (at least directly) .it was made to create a competition among programmers.

2 - How to "play" Snackware?
The snackware players are programmers that create the intelligence routines that will control the serpent (the "player" of the game) .
In other words: the players are "softwares" and to play you writes a software that "plays the game"

3 - What development level is it in ?
Snackware is in 0.3a alpha version, maid for tests.
A release of the development version skeleton is waited for brief .

4 - Who is developing it ?
At now, only me, myself and i ..
Any kind of help are welcome .Join the development team and lets "fight". :)

5 - Transtations
Translantion to correct english is wanted . :)
Translations to any languagues are welcome, but i cant do that by myself.

6 - Programming languages and plattaforms
The snackware alpha version was tested only in gcc-linux, but it will probably compile without changes in bsd's and could be backported for dos with minimum effort.
The version being projected will have a client/server aproach so that engine and clients can run in machines of different architectures linked in a network

7 - How to write a snack ?
You can read the one with comes in the distribution and change it. Documentation about it is coming, be patient.

8 - Snacks for alpha engine will run will beta engine ?
Not without small changes

9 - How to contribute
If you can use cvs. ask for cvs access .If not, send your contribution (path, documentation, code, etc) for

10 - Support
Subscrible to the mailing list and ask for help :)

11 - License
It's GPL'ed - free for fun :)